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True Life in God Ecumenical Calendar 2023


Our True Life in God Ecumenical Calendar 2023 featuring beautiful icons of the Holy Family and the Apostles. Also, included are the feast days of both Catholic and Orthodox Holy days.

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Gifts of the Holy Spirit


“Gifts of the Holy Spirit “Extracts from True Life in God booklet has been reprinted and is now available once again.

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Odes of the Holy Trinity


"Odes of the Holy Trinity " Extracts from True Life in God booklet has been reprinted and is now in available once again.

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AATLIG is list on Amazon Smile as a 501c3 Charity 


If you buy from, you can choose AATLIG to receive a percentage of your purchases as a donation. It is a painless way to give to AATLIG while you shop!

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A Call To Evangelize 


The American Association has been working hard to bring the Messages to everyone we can in these “last days”.  A lot of focus in the past year or so has been on prison ministry among other things.  We are happy to report that there are now more than 400 prisons that are actively receiving the True Life in God books.

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Crimes Against the Unborn and Abortion Extracts Booklet Published


There has been so much debate over the years since abortion was first made legal to the present day. Debates over morality. Debates over whether a human is a “person” while still in her mother’s womb. Have we stopped to ask what God’s opinion is on the matter?


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Vassula’s New Book on Prophecies is here!


Vassula has now finalized a new book on Prophecies that have been revealed by God through TLIG and have come to fruition in recent times.


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True Life in God Volume II is here!


The long awaited second volume of the True Life in God Messages has finally arrived.


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Prison Ministry is Thriving


The pandemic placed nearly all in-person TLIG events and activities across the USA and Canada in a state of suspension and waiting.


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Discerning God’s Will


The Lord, through the True Life in God Messages, speaks about the importance of discernment and offers a plethora of guidance for us.


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