The American Association for True Life in God (AATLIG) is a 501c3 non for profit organization dedicated to spreading the Messages of True Life in God in North America.

What is True Life in God?

True Life in God is a compilation of nearly 2000 messages that Vassula Rydén has received from God since the year 1985. The messages are profoundly spiritual and are written in a clear and direct language. In the Messages, God invites each of us to enter into conversation with Him and asks that we substitute Vassula’s name in these texts with our own.

To explore more about Vassula and the Messages, please visit our main international website at tlig.org.

Unity in Diversity

One of the main themes of the True Life in God messages is the Unity of the Christian Churches, a call for conversion and reconciliation, where “the real Unity is and will be in the hearts”.

Orthodox! Catholics! Protestants! You all belong to Me! You are all One in My Eyes!

(October 27, 1987)

The AATLIG apostolate therefore includes events and activities that strongly promote unity. Retreats, spiritual gatherings and prayer groups are always open to all Christian denominations. Even many other religions are drawn to True Life in God and its message of PEACE. All people are invited to all events and activities hosted and promoted by AATLIG.


Since spreading the Messages is at the core of our mission, it is only natural that we supply the True Life in God Books, Magazine, DVDs and various other books and materials. Please visit our Online Bookshop for more information.

Prayer Groups

At the heart of our apostolate are the True Life in God Ecumenical Prayer Groups. To explore more about our prayer groups, find a prayer group, register a new one or to figure out how to create a new one, please visit our Prayer Groups page.

Beth Myriam Project - Feeding the Poor

In 1998, Vassula Rydén was inspired, through a vision, to initiate a project to feed the poor.  The project is named “Beth Myriam” or “House of Mary”

AAALTIG sponsors specific Beth Myriam’s directly.  Learn more about these specific projects and how you can help.

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True Life in God Color Magazine

Like a modern day "Act of Apostles", the color magazine is filled with reports of Vassula's missions, other TLIG activities worldwide and various spiritual teachings from the Messages.

For TLIG readers in North America, the magazine is offered free of charge.