“Establish Our Beth Myriams everywhere you can. Lift the oppressed and help the orphan. Protect Me, rescue Me from the gutter, shelter Me and feed Me. Unload My burden and fatigue; support Me and encourage Me. All that you do to the least of My brethren you do it to Me.”

(March  27,  2002)

In 1998, Vassula Rydén was inspired, through a vision, to initiate a project to feed the poor. In the vision, she was shown a ‘narrow’ doorway in which our Blessed Mother was standing, holding the baby Jesus. A short time later, a series of seemingly independent happenings came together to help this project to begin. For more information about the worldwide Beth Myriam project, visit:  bethmyriam.org

The American Association for True Life in God is dedicated to helping three such Beth Myriams

Maui, Hawaii

Jay and Carol Stenger are responsible for Beth Myriam Maui, with the support of the prayer group from Maui that consists of around 10 people. It will take place once a week in Kahului Maui, in an empty lot near a homeless center. The volunteers help prepare the food, pack and distribute it. They feed 20-30 people a hot meal, with meat, rice, corn, water and a dessert. They will also give information about the TLIG messages.

Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey is located in the northeast of Mexico, 200 km from the United States border. It is the 3rd largest city in Mexico with a population of about 4 million people. The Beth Myriam (Casa de Maria) in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon has been working since 2004 with the help of the people of the different Prayer Groups established in the city. We have been giving food and spiritual help to most needy who live in the surrounding areas as well as to relatives of the sick people from the nearby Regional Hospital.

In October 2008, the Beth Myriam we could move to a bigger place. With much joy, the Beth Myriam caregivers feel the presence of Our Blessed Mother and the loving help of Our Lord, giving them the strength to continue their beautiful work. The poor are thankful to receive the care and the love of God through the generosity of the BM caregivers.

In 2009, Vassula visited Casa de Maria. We felt a lot of joy with her visit and very happy when she told us that Our Mother, the Virgin Mary was the one leading this Beth Myriam. She encouraged us to continue and to put more chairs and tables in the lunch area, because we will have more people coming. Since that day the number of people attending has continued to grow. On Thursdays we serve breakfasts and have a prayer session with all the people attending. We serve around 170 meals, including 40 for take-out. On Fridays we serve around 250 full breakfasts plus take-outs for people not being able to come because they have to stay close to their relatives in the Hospital. Saturdays, we serve around 280 complete hot lunches. This day is when a lot of people come to the hospital for special treatments (e.g. dialysis, chemotherapies).

On all of the three days, we are open, and we serve nutritious food like yogurt, salads, chicken, meat, and vegetables and everybody takes dessert, juices, coffee and milk. With the donations, we have been able to constantly improve our Beth Myriam and the work done.

Yerevan, Armenia

We opened a new Beth Myriam in Yerevan in Armenia. The volunteers serve elderly people by helping them pay for the electricity during the cold seasons, so they can survive. They will also help the elderly and families with small children by serving them food like buckwheat, potatoes, flour and sugar once a month.

We are trying to raise at least $1,543 per month to support these Beth Myriam projects.  Please consider contributing to these projects.