A Journey from Darkness to Light: How One Book Changed My Life

"I don't know the exact date, but it was in the 1990s.  I have been living and working in Phoenix Arizona.   I was married with 2 children.  I have suffered from depression all my life but at that time did not know what it was, I just knew I felt sad and didn't want to be here on earth.  I even tried many times to commit suicide.

At the company where I was working, there was a lady named Maria Chavez, who had given me a book to read, TLIG volume 1.  She reminded me to change Vassula's name with mine.  At that time, I was already going through a divorce from a very abusive husband.  Not only did he not want me to work, but he also did not want to take care of me and our kids.  He wanted me to get on welfare, but I refused.

As my emotions were turning more to the dark side, I started reading the book that Maria Chavez had given me.  But as I was reading it, I was freaking out.  It was talking about intimacy.  All I knew about intimacy was the physical part.  I tried to give the book back to Maria, telling her what I had just read.  She then explained to me: "Yes!  God wants a spiritual relationship with us. "

Although I had been going to mass every Sunday, I never heard about having a spiritual relationship with God.  To tell the truth, I never paid attention to what the priests talked about.  So, I took the book home and started reading it again.  And this time, I started having dreams of Jesus and Mary.   I started to feel loved by Jesus and Mary.

I still made many mistakes on the way, but I started buying the TLIG books and gave them away.  My earthly father approved of the books, but I had many rejections by family and friends.  Nevertheless, I have not given up.  And... Yes, although I still find myself struggling with depression, I'm now more in control of it.  I'm closer to God, Mary, and of course Padre Pio, whom I asked to spiritually adopt me.

Leticia Macias