Peace beyond all understanding

I was experiencing a very difficult time in my life with my spouse and cried out to God in tears.  I opened my TLIG book at Random hoping to be consoled and guided.  I opened to May 6, 1991, and my eyes fell on these words:

receive your strength in prayer,
a constant prayer to Me;

I bless each one of you; and you3 who came because your cross is crushing you, lean on Me beloved, and offer Me your distress and your hardship; I love you; I shall come to your help; glorify Me by praising My Name;

receive the Breath of My Holy Spirit on your foreheads and be one under My Holy Name;

I felt in my spirit that the one He was speaking to was me, that He heard my lamentations, and that I was able to lean on Him, and give my distress to Him.  I felt then the peace that is beyond all understanding or words!  My spouse and I made it through a difficult time, one day at a time with Jesus, We/Us.

Jesus Always with me 💕

A True Life in God reader, USA

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