TLIG Messages Book Table in a Catholic church

A True Life in God reader went to confession and afterwards showed the TLIG Vol 1 introductory book to the Pastor.

The reader asked the Pastor: ‘Is it OK to read this book (TRUE LIFE IN GOD INTRODUCTORY VOLUME 1) since it has the two seals of approval by the Catholic church, Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur?’

The Pastor said: ‘Yes, it’s OK to read this book’.

The reader asked the Paster: ‘Is it OK to leave some books in the church for the other parishioners to read?’

The Pastor said: ‘Yes.  Leave a variety of books by the welcoming table by the front door and more books by the table going into Mass.’

The reader agreed and thanked the Pastor.  The reader left about 10-20 books and materials on two tables.  The reader tries to keep a weekly supply of 10-20 books on each table.

Table 1:  Welcoming table by the front door:

Table 2:  Going into Mass: