Reflecting on The Infinite Love of Jesus

There are so many True Life in God Messages which spoke to my heart.  Where do I begin?  Here’s one such Message:

“have you ever heard of unlimited Love? a Love that radiates and reigns from the center of the Universe expanding from there into the rest of all the Universe? My Love transcends all essence; I am above all essence, I am a Luminous Revelation in the entire Cosmos and in every heart that enables you to reach the very heights of contemplation; My Love embodies your soul, your mind, your intellect and It penetrates your heart like morning dew dripping from heaven; each sparkling drop of dew becomes a healing remedy for each of your deficiencies of body and soul; immersed in My Light, your body and soul then will acquire impassibility and into divinity; finally, I, who am the Bridegroom of My creation, as I had thoroughly explained it to you in the past 5, I will step into your heart once you would allow Me, and you, without the slightest hesitation would be entirely willing to intertwine in My fiery embrace knowing that falling in the fiery embrace of Me, your God, would put you aflame; you will be englobed in Fire, a Fire that will bring you to Life, that is Me; and while you will be entering Life, your whole being will be dazzling white, shining, enlightened with glittering veils of Light and Sapphires, and all your members will be fading within Me, becoming even more beautiful while at this moment of transfiguration I will be anointing you, pouring myrrh off My Fingers on to your head all the way to your feet;”

(April 25, 1999)

5 In the themes of the: Odes of the Holy Trinity and Canticle of the Bridegroom

In the passage above, Jesus tells us who He really is:   “unlimited Love."

Also, the words:  "Love compels", are found in numerous messages.  The messages taught me about the nature of God.  He is "Infinite, compelling Love." While I can understand “compelling” and “Love”, it's the “Infinite Love” part that is just beyond my comprehension.  But this term explains everything:  Why He created us, why He died for us, and why He created the Eucharist.  Love compelled Him.