Evangelization Window

“Ask for the Holy Spirit of Fortitude”

I am a True Life in God volunteer and have been reading the TLIG messages for about 30 years.  Recently, the Lord called me to be more active in evangelizing His Hymn of Love.

My friend from the Midwest North Region, also a True Life in God volunteer, shared with me how he did street evangelization. He explained, and showed me by example, the whole process in approaching store employees. I was interested in doing it, but I was very concerned about it.

In the TLIG message of June 19, 1995, Jesus teaches us to ask for the seven gifts of His Holy Spirit, including for the gift of the Holy Spirit of Fortitude.

peace be with you …. dress My Wounds with love in My Holy Spirit; seek always My Holy Spirit; come and learn:


– have I not strength to save? with one word I bless and save; so do not lie helpless; I can give you My Spirit of Fortitude; it is not only given to My angels but to you too; open your heart and listen; ask and it shall be given to you; I can make you preach My Word and My Tradition thrice blessed, to the utmost of your capacity by the power of My Spirit of Fortitude; happy are you who will obtain My Gift 6 and through this Gift obtain strength to live in obedience of faith, in righteousness, joy and peace; so do not lie helpless and with fear; I tell you, do not fear the taunts of men nor be dismayed by their insults, for the moth shall eat them like garments, since from the beginning they have been in communion with the evil one; I will be your Strength and you shall no longer walk alone; I and you, you and I will bear, together, the crosses given to you for your sanctification;

My Spirit of Fortitude can clothe you in My Strength to bear witness to the Truth, the Alpha and the Omega, with zeal and courage; My Holy Spirit of Fortitude can help you overcome all the obstacles that come in your way that prevent you from reaching Me; in the power of My Spirit you will become like a warrior filled with courage and strength; fortified by His power you will fortify My Sanctuary against the enemy and against transgression; like the sun you will shine in Our Presence thrice Holy; like a fire your words will flare like a torch; like a sword that cuts and pierces, your prophecies will strike, dragging the kingdoms of the world down to destruction;


(June 19, 1995)

6 Holy Spirit of Fortitude.


This passage gave me strength. Jesus is with us as we evangelize. We need only to ask and trust in Jesus.

I am truly grateful for the positive responses I received from the store employees.  It was amazing to see the generosity and kindness of those we met.  We also quickly learned that the young people were the most open to receiving books.

Since then, I have been able to share with six more people, in different states, on how to approach store workers and offer the sample “TRUE LIFE IN GOD INTRODUCTORY VOLUME 1 book.”  It has been equally remarkable that we have been so touched by The Holy Spirit in our outreach.

God bless,

Mark Kliethermes

Independence Missouri USA