On behalf of all TLIG Coordinators of the Association for True Life In God in North America (AATLIG), we extend our most cordial and brotherly greetings to you, our committed and faithful readers of the TLIG Messages.

We are now re-launching our Newsletter with expanded content and improved format in our efforts to keep you informed with key events and happenings in the TLIG community both in the USA and Canada, as well as internationally, as Vassula continues her world-wide evangelization mission.   We want to improve our contact with all TLIG Readers and form stronger ties among our Christian Community. In addition, we plan to share with you various articles of faith that are inspired from the TLIG Messages, including an occasional reflection on a TLIG Message.

Please expect to receive our Newsletter each month, and at any time when we would have special announcements and “braking news”.

Your questions, comments, thoughts and ideas on how to promote the TLIG Messages are most welcome… just let us know via email at aa@tlig.us .

In Christ,
Editor, AATLIG Promotions Team