Our True Life in God Ecumenical Calendar 2023 featuring beautiful icons of the Holy Family and the Apostles. Also, included are the feast days of both Catholic and Orthodox Holy days.

A great Evangelizing gift to give out to your Clergy, Neighbors, Friends, Family etc

Each month has a TLIG Message; January’s month has a Unity message as it is

Christian Unity Week from January 18th-25th every year. You can view this talk from Vassula on Unity

if you say you love Me and call yourself under My Name, then for the sake of My Holy Name and the sake of My Love:

unify My churches;

the real Christian is the one who is inwardly a Christian, and the real Unity is and will be in the heart; Unity will not be of the letter but of the spirit; –if you love Me, daughter, as you say, embrace the Cross I have given you; your feet then will not stumble, nothing in this world is Its equal; let your gaze never leave My Gaze;

pupil? come, follow Me …

(Later on:)

Vassula, I prayed for you to the Father; it is I, Jesus; concentrate on what has been assigned you; – now write: 2

peace be with you; I heard you call Me: “Father!”

Here I Am;

do you wish to come back? I shall frown on you no more since I am Infinite Mercy; I shall not pronounce sentence on you either; your heart is what I am seeking; I need love; I am thirsty for love; My Lips are parched for lack of love; I have decided not to look on your past, only at the present;

the Queen of Heaven3 is by My side and of all women She, persistently, prayed for you, more than all Sovereignties, Dominations, Thrones, Powers and Angels; more than any created thing; so welcome Her in your prayers, honour Her as I honour Her;

you are all baptised in Me and there should not be any distinction between brothers; if you only knew what I am offering you today you would not hesitate to offer Me your heart and your abandonment; come back to Me and do not fear, the One who speaks to you now is your Holy Companion; He who loves you most; believe in My Love, consider and meditate on My Passion; offer Me your heart and I shall turn it into a garden with the subtlest odours, where I, your King, can take My rest; allow Me to make it My Property and you shall live; do not turn your heart away from Me, do not keep Me at a distance, speak to Me freely; I am listening;

I invite you all to meditate on these words:

– repay evil with love –
– imitate Me –

and remember, I am with you all the time; never, ever forget this;
I bless each one of you, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead,

Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God and Saviour;

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