Spread True Life in God Messages
Street Evangelizing

Jesus said on Oct 20, 1990:

“My messengers will call aloud in the streets, and in the public squares,”

Hello.  My name is Chuck and I'm from Schaumburg, Illinois.  This is a true story of how God brought three men together to learn how to spread the True Life in God Messages.

From left to right; Chuck, Mark and Josh

Nov 2023: One day, my wife and I were driving to the store when suddenly we heard a clear voice speaking on a megaphone. We saw a young man, on a busy street corner openly professing his faith.  We were very impressed. It encouraged us to speak more freely about our faith in the future. The young man was saying:

“Jesus loves you; Jesus will fill your heart with peace, joy, and love, ‘Enjoy life and live life to the fullest every day with Jesus.”


That evening: I went to our Catholic church for a Holy day of Obligation mass.  While placing my finger in the holy water font to bless myself, a man placed his finger in the font at the same time.  Looking up, I saw the same young man that was standing on the corner earlier with the megaphone. I asked him if he was the person with the megaphone on the corner? He said ‘yes’, with a big smile. He too was a parishioner at the same church.  (This is unbelievable. This is not a coincidence. God wanted us to work together to spread the TLIG Messages.) After Mass we quickly exchanged our names, phone numbers and briefly discussed TLIG Messages (Vol 1 book was given to Josh later).  He was grateful for the book and offered to pray for me and bless me.

At the weekly TLIG Regional meeting: The Regional Coordinators were informed about Josh. They were very interested in talking to Josh and asked if he would join our next meeting to discuss his evangelization strategy. Josh was contacted immediately and agreed to join our next meeting.  Josh started reading Vol 1 book and said, ‘Everyone should read TLIG Intro Volume book’.  It’s very good.

Our next weekly TLIG meeting: Josh began speaking about his faith and his evangelization strategy.

We normally give people about 15 minutes to talk so we can continue with our weekly agenda. However, everyone was so impressed with Josh discussion that Josh talked about 45 minutes before we had to end the discussion.

To know more about Josh's Evangelization strategy,
contact Chuck at chuck.morton@tlig.us or Mark at mark.kliethermes@tlig.us

Next morning: Mark, the Regional Coordinator from Kansas, called me and said he was very impressed with Josh from the previous night. Mark asked if he could meet Josh and I personally.  Mark was heading to Illinois (from Kansas) the following weekend and asked if the three of us could meet Friday and Saturday, in Illinois. I called Josh and he agreed.  We reserved a room in the library for 2 hours on Friday and Saturday for discussions.

Friday in the library: When Mark arrived at the library, Mark and I shared our faith with Josh and spoke about True Life in God Messages.  Our goal was to ‘learn how to evangelize’ so we can spread TLIG Messages.  Josh then introduced himself, talked about his faith and how he evangelizes. The room was filled with the Holy Spirit.  Felt like we were in Heaven.  

Friday night with the megaphone: After our meeting and dinner, the three of us went directly to the same busy intersection where Josh was professing his faith openly and freely.  Josh spoke on the megaphone for about 10 minutes then handed the megaphone to Mark.  Mark spoke on the megaphone for about 10 minutes about TLIG.  He then handed the megaphone to me for about 10 minutes to speak about TLIG.  We all experienced the joy of evangelizing, spreading True Life in God Messages using a megaphone.

Saturday morning at the shopping mall: We met again in the library and continued to talk about evangelizing for 2 hours.   Afterwards we headed to the shopping mall to hand out TLIG Intro Volume books to workers in stores.  Chuck started evangelizing first while Mark and Josh watched.  The first two stores, workers respectively did not want the free book, so Chuck blessed them and left (do not convince people). The third store, a barber shop, was very receptive.  Ten TLIG Intro Volume books were given to the workers and customers.  Mark and Josh couldn’t believe people were so receptive.  This is what was said to the workers and customers:

  • Hi! Would you like a free Christian book (show Vol 1 book)?
  • This book encourages people to read the Bible and the greatest miracle of these books is conversion.
  • (Point to Vassula’s picture) In 1985, Vassula began receiving Messages from God. She was writing a grocery list when suddenly she was visited by her guardian angel and was instructed to write, which was in a different hand style.
  • These Messages have the two seals of approval by the Catholic Church’s:

Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur”.

  • We are asked to replace Vassula’s name with our own name, so God talks to us directly.
  • Would you like a free book? It's very powerful. It changed my life dramatically.

After 15 minutes of evangelizing, Chuck asked Mark to hand out books to some stores.  Mark went to several stores while we watched and prayed.  Some stores didn’t want the TLIG book, however some stores did accept the TLIG Intro Volume. Mark felt very good talking face-to-face with people about TLIG and giving away TLIG Messages. He’s more confident of evangelizing and ready to go back to Kansas and spread the Messages.

Marks first time evangelizing.

Josh also started handing out TLIG Intro Volume books in stores while Chuck and Mark watched and prayed.  He went to several stores.  Some did not want the TLIG book, however some stores did accept the TLIG Intro Volume book.   Josh also felt good about handing out free TLIG books.  It’s much easier evangelizing in the mall’s than busy intersections.

God brought us together, filled us with His Holy Spirit and showed us how to spread the TLIG Messages without fear.

Praise God!