Personal Testimony from a prison inmate in CA

The American Association for True Life in God has been evangelizing in prisons for a couple of years now, sending books to Chaplains and prison libraries whenever possible. The Messages have been sent to over 600 prisons in the United States and Canada. We also have a few volunteers who work in Christian ministry and provide a steady supply of Message books and prayer pamphlets for the inmates and serve at prison Mass. Occasionally, we are blessed to hear from chaplains and volunteers how the Messages are being read and received by the inmates.

My brother Donald is an inmate in Chino, California. Donald gave us permission to share his personal letter to me with the community of TLIG. Donald’s words express my own first impression when I began reading these Messages from Jesus: “It seems like He is in my cell talking to me -one to one.” Here is the paragraph from the letter that refers to the Messages:

I’ve started to read Volume I, 1986-87 True Life in God. I am doing as Vassula says, and using my name instead of hers. It seems like He is in my cell talking to me - one to one. I think I’ll read this when I first wake up at 4:30 am, and again before I sleep at 9:00 pm that way I’ll carry His message in my thought all day, and in my dream thoughts.

Glory be to God!

Do you have a friend or relative in a US or Canadian prison? Contact us by email at or by phone 816-461-8888 and help us connect with the prison chaplain and share the Messages to an isolated and neglected people. The books are offered to the inmates for free. Please consider donating to AATLIG to help offset the costs of shipping the books. Thank you and may God bless the readers of True Life in God.

 - Frances Wage, Midwest South Volunteer