Below are a few comments from participants of the Los Angeles based online TLIG prayer group:

“I am so grateful for this daily prayer group and I hope it never ends.

It feeds my soul and lifts me above the darkness that seems to be all around us. My heart is light and joyful and my lamp is filled every day. I don’t know everyone very well, but my heart is filled with love at seeing and hearing them. All of us praying slowly, meaning each word, allowing our hearts to sing from the very depths of our soul transforming these prayers into something so beautiful that you can almost feel all of us rising to Heaven."

- God bless, Kitty

“Faith, Unity and Love, come together in Tim and Janet’s Prayer Group.  The Holy Spirit is in our midst. Alleluia!”

- Reine

“I absolutely love our prayer meetings and how we come together as kind and gentle people of God to praise and glorify Him. We have a beautiful sense of community and family together, and it gives me a true sense of peace and closeness to our Lord and Mary every evening.”

- Sue McCune

Here is a reflection taken from a TLIG Message from June 18, 1994:

  • in the morning sow your seed of love
  • at noon sow your seed of peace
  • in the evening sow your seed of reconciliation

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