Beth Myriam helping feed those in need in Maui

We are grateful to the volunteers at the Beth Myriam in Maui, HI who have quietly and consistently helped feed those in need for many years now.  Here’s a few updates:

"To everyone who is helping us to receive this gift,  thank you very much, it has brought me to Christ.  I have been 5 months sober and I am living for the Lord.  Part of the reason why this is a gift, not just (wipes, water, and food card) is the messages that have got in here.  I read them and they brought me back to life and delivered me out of certain things, I could not get delivered without knowing the messages.  So, Thank you very much.  Jesus cares for me. I keep all my cards so I can give to someone else and hopefully they can be delivered.  Lord gives me strength."

- William, July 7, 2023

From right to left…

"I am grateful for every gift.  I have been homeless for 6-1/2 years."

- Ron (with sunglasses on), July 7, 2023

The woman in background wanted to pray.

I am most thankful deep in my heart.  In Jesus name I ask and pray.

I am from Detroit.  I deserve absolutely nothing.  I just keep getting undeserved kindness and as it keeps rekindling and I use what I can and give to the next one in need.  They are people out there who genuinely do not know they are in need. They have been without for so long.  You guys help us.  (I cry) Remember that time you gave me a card.  I saw someone else in need and gave it to him.  We must be instruments.  We must be a tool and not a weapon.

- John, July 7, 2023

The importance of the Beth Myriam project was underscored by Our Lord on March 27, 2002:

Establish Our Beth Myriams everywhere you can; lift the oppressed and help the orphan; protect Me, rescue Me from the gutter, shelter Me and feed Me, unload My burden and fatigue, support Me and encourage Me but above all love Me; all that you do to the least of My brethren you do it to Me …

I bless the supporters of My life, may they remain virtuous and all-loving;

Thanks to the volunteers in Maui.

Thanks to all those that pray for the Beth Myriam project.

Thanks to everyone who has the means to support those in need.

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