If you buy from Amazon.com, you can choose AATLIG to receive a percentage of your purchases as a donation.  It is a painless way to give to AATLIG while you shop! You just need to sign in with your Amazon login to "smile.amazon.com" and choose "American Assoc for True Life in God" (do not spell out "Association") as your preferred charity, and they will set aside a portion of your purchase money for us!  Just remember, whenever you shop at Amazon, it must be at "SMILE.Amazon.com" and not just "Amazon.com".

By helping the American Association for True Life in God you aid in the mission of supplying the United States and Canada with the TLIG Books and materials, fostering prayer groups, hosting special events, holding retreats, feeding the poor through the Beth Myriam projects and more.

Direct Donations

If you would like to donate directly by credit card, PayPal or ACH, you can always do so by visiting our official safe and secure donation page.

Sincere thanks and gratitude!  May God Bless you abundantly.