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TRUE LIFE IN GOD Volume I (1986-2003)

TLIG Messages Volume I contains recent messages from years 1986-2003 (notebooks 1-109). The 1150-page leather bound volume is 8 1/2 x 6 x 1 1/2 inches.

TRUE LIFE IN GOD Volume II (2003-2021)

TLIG Messages Volume II contains recent messages from years 2003-2021 (notebooks 110-124). The  185-page leather bound volume is 8 1/2 x 6 x 1/2 inches (10.2 oz).


Vassula revisits her remarkable journeys into the supernatural world, and recounts the critical Messages she has received for our modern world.

True Life in God – Serialized
Volume 1 (1986-1987)

Messages from 1986-1987. A great place to start for those who have not read the Messages before. Also a great handout to give to people before the diving into the “One Volume”

My Angel Daniel

This book contains the 4 'Angel' Notebooks of early messages (from 1986 & 1987) in their original handwriting form.

Prophecies in the True Life in God Messages for these End of Times

Vassula Ryden's 2020 publication on the subject of Prophecies in the True Life in God Messages. Those fulfilled and those yet to be fulfilled.


Selected prayers taken from the True Life in God messages.

Invitation to be one with Christ

A Modern Prophecy in The Light of Jewish and Christian Symbolism by Sr Anne Wood.

Vassula Enigma

Written without any positive or negative prejudice from a series of interviews Vassula granted to Jacques Neirynck.

Unity, Virtue of Love

Extracts of messages on the Unity. Presents us with God's own way to achieving true Christian Unity.

The Theological Review of True Life in God

This work undertaken by Fr. J.L. Iannuzzi, S. Th. D., is a most welcome development that will certainly benefit many within and outside the Church.

Come to Me as You Are

A small three page pamphlet to hand out to people who have never heard of the Messages before.

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Other Books

  • 10 Command
  • My Angel Daniel
  • Bearer of the Light
  • Canticle of the Bridegroom
  • Clarifications w/ CDF
  • Come to Me
  • Fire of Love
  • Hear Our Cry
  • Heaven is Real
  • Invitation to be one
  • John Paul II
  • Maria Deur Naar de Hemel
  • Mary,  Gate to Heaven
  • My Sacred Heart
  • New Heaven New Earth
  • Pilgrimage 02 Egypt Book
  • Prayer Mtg Guidelines Espanol
  • Prayers
  • Pro Life Message 10.14.94 (No. 1)
  • Pro Life Message 10.3.94 (No. 2)
  • Prophecies and Warnings
  • Retreat 2011 Toronto-Talks
  • Retreat 2011 Toronto-McLoughlin
  • Sacred Hearts Passion
  • Theolog. Review
  • TLIG Volume 1
  • TLIG Vol. 1 Typeset (Prple)
  • Unity, Virtue of Love
  • Vassula, TLIG & The Vatican
  • Vassula Enigma
  • Verdaderia Vida Em Deus
  • Volume 11 H.W.

CDs and DVDs

  • Abingdon Witness CD
  • Abingdon Witness DVD
  • Australia DVD
  • Maui Witnessing DVD
  • Pilgrimage -2000 Holy Land DVD
  • Pilgrimage- 2002 Egypt Footsteps of H.F. DVD
  • Pilgrimage 2005
  • Pilgrimage-2007 Turkey 7 Churches of Revelation DVD
  • Pilgrimage-2011 Rome
  • Retreat - 2007  Philadelphia DVD
  • Retreat - 2010 Greece CD
  • Retreat - 2010 Greece DVD
  • Salt of the Earth Music CD
  • Toronto 10-06 DVD
  • Vassula - An Inverview & a Journey DVD
  • Vassula - Topic Evangellization DVD
  • Voice America CD # 1
  • Voice America CD # 2
  • Voice America CD # 3
  • Voice America CD # 4
  • Voice America CD # 5
  • Voice America CD # 6
  • Voice America CD #7
  • Voice America CD #8
  • Voice America CD #9
  • Voice America CD #10
  • Wretchedness Attracts Me DVD

Paintings and Artwork

  • Vassula Rydén is an accomplished artist and she is now making prints from original oil paintings that she created available to us.

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Prayer Cards and Misc

  • Repent & Deliver PC
  • Three Prayers PC
  • Send Your Light PC
  • Tender Father PC
  • Hear Our Cry of Mercy PC

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